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It doesn't have to be this way...


"High Traction" project leadership to get results fast

  • Quick win strategy sessions
  • Crazy fast development
  • Business insight analysis

Print Production

​Super-cheap printing by sharing costs across multiple jobs

  • Low price offshore printing
  • Efficient layouts / die cutting
  • Playing cards, tiles, etc.

China Contacts

​Local knowledge and contacts to help you do business in China

  • Supplier Visits
  • Local Agents
  • ​Import / Export

Software Setup

Technical support to help with initial set up of new software

  • Office 365
  • Sharepoint​​

Cloud Stuff

Tools to support cross-team collaboration and file sharing

  • Low cost sharepoint
  • ​Web hosting plans​
  • Online storage / calendar

Instant Websites

Quick and simple tools to get your business online

  • ​​Domain / email set up
  • ​Website creation templates
  • Digital marketing tools

In 2004 I had run several e-commerce launches for a multi-national, including creating a $20 million office supplies business in Canada. How hard could it be to build my own company the same way?  

Crazy hard, it turns out, but ten years on I am still running my own business and love it.

Low Frills is an accidental start up, launched in a week after a chance remark set me thinking - I hope you like the result!

What we have to offer...

Nobody expects running a start up to be easy - at Low Frills we make it our business to be able to help!

​As a small business owner, one of my biggest challenges is being responsible for EVERYTHING (whether I'm good at it or not), especially when the bills come in!

Over the years I have created a "low frills" small business toolkit of tricks and techniques for getting stuff done quickly and cheaply.

I hope you find them useful for your business, too!

Cheers,  Ed Carter - Low Frills