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I am a "high traction" project manager and love to run quick, fast-track projects around international E-Commerce, product information and data profiling and analysis.

I usually start with a short strategy review / discovery phase to define the  challenge and agree a solution to make sure we fix the real business problem, and then use agile / rapid development  techniques to complete projects fast.

Looking forward to doing the same for your business!

Cheers,  Ed Carter - Low Frills

Mini-Projects - Request Info

What we offer:

​"High Traction" project leadership to get results fast - focusing on e-commerce, product information and data profiling and analysis

How we can help:

  • Usability review from €300 - your website will be evaluated by a usability expert to give feedback on how to improve it's user experience
  • Strategy workshop from €500 - planning and facilitation of business stakeholder workshops to identify and evaluate potential approaches
  • Discovery investigation from €2,400 - methodical review of a business challenge to identify key decision areas and define potential future scenarios
  • Crazy fast mini-projects - small, focused projects using agile / extreme development techniques to deliver quick wins with immediate business value