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Print Production

Running a card games company means I do more than my fair share of printing, and over the years I have developed great relationships with several printers in China and the US.

What's more, I've picked up a solid knowledge of the printing process, and in particular how to use tricks like gang runs and plate changes to keep costs way down.

Printing in China means that even custom shape / die cut items can be extremely affordable​

Cheers,  Ed Carter - Low Frills

Print Production - Request Info

What we offer:

​Super-cheap printing by low price offshore printing and sharing costs across multiple jobs

How we can help:

  • Production advice from €50 - have an idea you want to print, but not sure how to get it done cheaply?  We'll spend half an hour via Skype talking through options with you
  • Quote requests from €75 - Find out the real, best price for your job - we'll introduce you to our trusted Chinese printers and help you prepare a comprehensive quote request.
  • Shared print costs - we usually make several print runs each year in China.  Depending on your rom China to US and Europe and can help smooth the process to both continents.