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Software Setup

We've all been there. The demo looked great.  The software is perfect. Everyone recommends it, and you know once you're up and running it will be exactly what you need, but... just finished installing it and have no idea how to use it!

We have a team of experts available to help get you started with new software, making sure you have the skills you need to be off and running as quickly as possible.

Cheers,  Ed Carter - Low Frills

Software Setup - Request Info

What we offer:

​One time technical support to help with initial set up of new software

How we can help:

  • Office 365 setup from €75 for 5 users - We provide advice on package selection and then collect user set up information, create new users and then set up user mailboxes and onedrive
  • Sharepoint setup from €250 for 10 users - Training and support to make your transition to managing documents in Sharepoint as simple as possible
  • Mailbox / file migration - transfer of user mailboxes and files to new user setup
  • Your software goes here - struggling to set up new software not on this list?  Let us know and we will see if we can help out!